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Reclaim your life.

Counseling + Psychotherapy
for Mothers

Kristie Kenyon, LICSW

If you're a mother and have been feeling lost, overwhelmed, or depleted, you're in the right place.

Maybe you've given so much to your family that you feel disconnected from your own needs. Or despite your best intentions, you're not the kind of parent you want to be. You might fear that you're failing at the most important job of your life. Or maybe your anxiety is getting harder to manage, and it's negatively affecting you and your loved ones.

As a parent myself, I relate to the unique struggles of mothers. I understand how difficult it can be to juggle the demands of parenthood, and how easy it is to lose yourself as you try to hold it all together.

I give mothers a safe space to slow down and tune into what is going on beneath the busyness of parenthood. My ultimate goal is to help you build a stronger connection not just to your children, but to yourself. 

Let's get started on this journey together.  


Common Issues Addressed




People Pleasing

Adjustment to Change

Adult Children of Emotionally Immature Parents

Midlife Transitions





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